Go Out. Go Eat. GO TEXAN! at the 2012 GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up


There’s nothing better than chowing down on some food. Especially if that food your stuffing in your face is locally grown, produced and handled. Especially, especially if some of the money you spend on it is going toward local food banks to help hungry Texans.

The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up is July 23-29 all across Texas, with some great things going on around here in Austin. More than 100 local restaurants and bars are participating, and you can check that list here. Each restaurant involved will donate at least $100 to local food banks, which means over 100,000 meals will be given to those in need.

The Round-Up connects local farmers and ranchers with local restaurants. Why is that awesome? Because that means the foods don’t have to travel as far — helping them retain freshness and nutrients — and because that means lower transportation costs — meaning lower food costs.

And food isn’t the only thing being spotlighted during this week — but beer, too. That’s right, I’ve definitely got your attention now. All week at Opal Divine’s three locations — Freehouse, Penn Field and Marina — they’ll have 50 beers on tap, each day featuring local breweries at each store.


And if you think you have what it takes, they’ll also be having Texas beer blind taste qualifying tests Monday through Thursday, then the final contestants will compete for local brewery swag, Opal’s gift cards and the title of “Biggest Texas Beer Snob” on Friday. Get ready to hold your noses high.

This whole week Texas will be served up on table-tops, and it’s gonna be one big delicious celebration. Texas is the leader nation-wide for households that are food-insecure, and that’s just a no-go. Take advantage of the events happening July 23-29 to get to know your local food supply so we can change this, yeah?

Also, follow #TXDineOut on Twitter along with @GOTEXAN all week long for updates and buzz on what’s going on.

Get on board with the GO TEXAN Round-Up slogan: “Go Out. Go Eat. Go Drink. GO TEXAN!”

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