Bigface Weekend @ Haven

This weekend, Haven has three nights of music, drinks, and fun just waiting for your arrival. Music, drinks, and fun? Oh yeah, you’re intrigued.

Kicking off the weekend on Thursday night, (and yes, the weekend does indeed start on Thursday) are DJ Blitz and a live performance by Guinevere. DJ Blitz will have you on your feet dancin’ the night away as you jam out to his artistically blended beats. He seamlessly mixes genres from country to hip hop, never skipping a beat.

But wait, along with good music, Haven will make your Thursday night even better with awesome drink specials! There will be $4 wells and domestics, along with $100 UV Vodka bottles. A complimentary bottle of UV Vodka will be given to groups of 6+ people celebrating a birthday. Be sure to call 512-522-0409 to set up a reservation.

Friday night, the fun continues. Ladies, Friday nights at Haven are ladies’ nights! Ladies that arrive before 11:00pm will receive a pink Haven cup. Free UV Vodka drinks will be offered until 1:00am, with a limit of one per hour.

To add to the excitement of ladies night, Austin’s own DJ Bigface will be spinnin’ the table, mixin’ the music, and mashin’ the beats. Ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Friday night shenanigans at Haven.

Now, if you have to miss out on Thursday and Friday night due to work, or being tired, or just being down right lame, don’t you worry because Haven will have a THIRD night lined up for you; Bigface Weekend continues.

Just remember, the UV pink cup promo is good Friday and Saturday, and ladies in before 11 drink UV free until 1:00am. Don’t miss out!

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  1. K Bizz says:

    Too bad Haven won’t let fat girls in… #haters

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