Music for the Soul 2012

Doesn’t it feel extremely gratifying to do good deeds that really mean something? Deeds that have great impacts? Everyone wins in those situations. Now, let us present to you an event that will not only have a great impact on children, but you also get to experience great artists perform! Talk about knocking out two birds with one stone. But seriously, no harm will come to the birds, only joy, once you attend this brilliant event called Music for the Soul 2012.

This benefit concert, which is held annually, will once again have Michael Franti and Spearhead performing at The Long Center for the Performing Arts right here in Austin. When you visit Michael Franti and Spearhead’s Facebook page, you are automatically engulfed with sunshine and happiness. All the photos of people smiling at his recent concerts on his world tour beam with sunshine. It is no lie that Franti is all about the positivity and healing powers of music, naming his recent album, “The Sound of Sunshine.” Michael Franti is indeed a smart artist, saying, “Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically change your entire mood. Music gives us new energy and a stronger sense of purpose….somehow [music] lifts us all up out of our most difficult moments in life to unimaginable heights.” If that isn’t enough positivity for you, let us tell you the best part.

All the proceeds from Music for the Soul 2012 will go to K.I.N.G.-Kids in a New Groove. Their mission states, Kids in a New Groove provides private one-on-one music mentorship to kids in the Texas foster care system. Not only do kids get these private lessons for free, they also are gifted their own instrument as they progress. Kids start at age 6 and sometimes younger! Having musical skills at such a young age often builds a foundation for a better life, and it’s really nice to offer these kids a chance to gain that skill. K.I.N.G. currently supports foster kids in Texas, and hopes with more fundraising to expand out of state.

Kaci at age 7, loves to play the piano

Andrew has opened for The Blues Travelers

Lyndon and his mentor Jay

Tickets can be purchased here. The event will be held in the Dell Hall on Thursday, September 20, 2012. You are also allowed to purchase VIP tickets which will include dinner, cocktails, premium concert seating,  and a performance by DJ Chicken George. This fundraiser will be full of joy and positivity, so bring the entire family.

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  1. Dev says:

    What a great post – thanks for spreading this sunshine around!!!! Franti is one of the most entertaining artists around, and for such a great cause – this will be a show not to miss!

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