2012 Black Sheep Lodge Olympics

If you thought having a good time drinking at a bar would never pay off, you were wrong.

Starting today, The Black Sheep Lodge has a way for you to win a gold in the Olympics – The 2012 Black Sheep Lodge Olympic Challenge that is.

These guys are freaking creative. Instead of chilling at home, watching all the pros win medals in archery, cycling, Judo, shooting, triathlons and the trampoline, you can take part in all of these events too!

So here’s how it works — today, tomorrow, whenever during the games, pop over to Black Sheep and get your hands on a punch card. Then, take a look at the event list and see how you can get holes in that card. On their website they’ve given examples like getting a punch on the card for riding your bike to the bar (cycling), if you order three of the same beers in a row you get a punch (triathlon) and if you play pool you get a punch (shooting).  

The challenge sounds awesome, you bet, but let’s be serious here — the main reason to take part is for the PRIZES! The Bronze will go to those who get 15 punches and they’ll get a Black Sheep Lodge keychain and koozie. The Silver will go to those who get 20 punches and they’ll win a Black Sheep Lodge T-Shirt. And, finally, The Gold will go to those badasses who get 25 punches! They’ll not only win bragging rights, but also a $25 gift certificate. If more than one person wins The Gold, on August 12 there will be a shuffle board contest for the ultimate prize.
The Opening Ceremony is tonight, July 27, and the Closing Ceremony is August 12.  The sooner you start, the more time you have to get punches. Jump on it, and let the games begin!

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