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Unbeknownst to many, Austin does in fact have a very lively hip-hop scene. If you just know where to look you can find great MC’s rocking the mic, DJ’s and turntables, break dancers and b-boys, and a fleet of talented underground artists. For a few years now the Austin Hip-Hop Scene website has been providing an outlet to find out about this underserved community, featuring local hip-hop artists, music, shows, art, reviews and more.

Established in 2005, Austin Hip-Hop Scene was founded by Minto Tsai, a long-time Austinite whose mission is to raise awareness of local hip-hop artists. His the latest creation to further that mission is Austin Hip-Hop Scene Monthly, a free monthly mixtape of Austin hip-hop artists. The AHHS Monthly will feature 10 songs from some of Austin’s best established and emerging hip-hop artists, and will be delivered to your inbox along with a sheet that details both the songs and the artists.

“The initial spark to create the AHHS Monthly mixtape was because I recently met with a local MC who has a lot of potential and has already put out his own mixtape,”  said Tsai. “The problem he was facing is that in Austin he was finding it difficult to network and collaborate with other artists. The idea of an Austin Hip-Hop Scene mixtape had always been floating around, so I thought if I opened it up to a larger audience and let it grow into a monthly thing, maybe it could grow into a monthly event at a venue that would give the artists a chance to get to know each other and build an audience at the same time.”

The first installment of the AHHS Monthly, simply titled “Blue”, contains tracks from Marcus Agrippa, The Triggermen, Mickey Damn, Kato Dox, Clemits, Tee Double, Marvelous Mike D, Flea Circus, Bavu Blakes and Kydd. Tsai says that the second mixtape is already taking shape, and he is receiving plenty of good submissions. The mixtapes will drop the last week of each month through the AHHS Monthly newsletter, which you can signup for here.

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  1. JOHNJOHN says:

    where on this page can i submit my music to be part of the next mixtape.

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