Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak at Emo’s East!

Swing Lo Magellan

There’s something called good weird — we all know what I’m talking about here — “Keep Austin Weird.” It’s that feeling of unfamiliarity because it’s unpredictable, but it makes you happy. Both The Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak are wonderfully weird, so it’s fate that they’re both playing together at Emo’s East on August 2.

What’s there not to say about The Dirty Projectors? The band is flipping awesome. They’ve made seven albums now, each as impressive as the other. Their latest – Swing Lo Magellan was released in the U.S. July 9 and you can listen to that for free here.

Last year they had a killer performance on Jimmy Fallon, and since then have gained some well-deserved attention. It’s cute actually, after they performed Fallon said they were amazing and then asked “How’d you do that?”

I’m wondering the same thing about their entire body of work. They just keep going over and beyond with their talent. Not only did they release an album recently, but before the end of summer, front man David Longstreth is supposed to release Hi Custodian, a film featuring music from Swing Lo Magellan. 

Ugh! It’s almost annoying how amazing these guys are. Even this other short trailer reeks with out-of-this-world badassness.

OK,OK… I could go on and on about how wonderful The Dirty Projectors are, but just because Wye Oak isn’t headlining this show, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as great.

Like The Dirty Projectors, Wye Oak uses new approaches to make interesting, fresh sounds. The band is made up of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack — Wasner on vocals and guitar while Stack plays drums, keyboard and bass. Sometimes, Stack even plays drums with his feet and right hand while playing bass with his left. I mean, are you kidding me? I HAVE to go just to see that in person. If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what the hell is.

The band has four albums — their recent, Civilian, came out in March 2011 and some of those songs can be heard on the TV series The Walking Dead and the film Safety Not Guaranteed

The entire album is wonderful and the video for their single, “Holy Holy” is breath-taking.

Check it, not only are tickets to see these great bands only $22, but you have a chance to win some for free by liking our event page. Get to it, silly!


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