My Creative Drug & Food Is Free Present: Picture Perfect – An Art Show

Did you know that food used to come from the ground? As strange as it may seem, it’s true. What’s more, it was healthy and sustainable. You might be guffawing at the idea of a Fruit By The Foot tree, but the truth is far more simple: food is “natural.” It doesn’t have to be processed extensively, or wrapped in synthetic polymers (although prizes do make everything better). If you are from the city, though, this might be a foreign concept. Last time I was in the Warehouse district, I did not see anything organic except an animated pile of filth.

Looks weird, right?

If you are still reeling about this whole “natural” business, hold on: what if I told you that there is a way to reclaim the urban environment? What if you could grow your own food? Such a concept is the motor over at Food Is Free, a local non-profit whose aim is to combine the nourishment of locally- and ecologically-grown food with the goal of unified communities. Community vegetable beds are designed to be sustainable and bring neighbors together, and what’s more, Food Is Free’s are… free! Well, as any discerning economist or stern father figure would add, nothing is free. Just as you don’t have a Fruit By The Foot tree, nonprofits don’t have money trees; they rely on donations.

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

Charity is rarely glamorous, despite its tax-exempt status (though come April 15th, you could certainly wear that chiffon shrug while sitting alone in your darkened apartment, desperately hammering away at TurboTax). Come August 2nd, however, that all changes. Food Is Free is partnering with for Picture Perfect: An Art Show featuring local artists and musicians, and free food, with all proceeds going towards helping Austin communities sustain themselves and grow together. There will be poetry slammin’, music jammin’, and artists doing artsy things. $5 gets you in, and with a wide selection of entertainment and sources of positivity to choose from, even our aforementioned economist would approve of such ROI. Your stern father might not know what ROI stands for.  After the party is the after-party, of course.  Local eatery, Maria Maria, will provide some delicious grub and Treaty Oak will be filling your cup with enticing libations- all free with your art show wristband.

Picture Perfect: An Art Show will be held August 2nd from 6:30-10:30, at the Amala Foundation.

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