JerryFest: Deadeye, Green Mountain Grass, and Flounders Without Eyes.

Ever seen Flounders Without Eyes that has a Deadeye at a Green Mountain Grass? Likely you have not, but if you have then that’s pretty awesome. Well, if you are down to see something this magical we got you covered.

Get mesmerized and lost in the music (literally) at Antone’s this Thursday, (Aug. 2nd) to witness some soulful, rockin, bluegrass feel good kind of atmosphere. Presenting three inspiring eclectic local bands in honor of Jerry Garcia.

Painting done by: Kathryn La Giglia

Deadeye is unlike any other tribute band, they are known to have shows that truly bringing out their own style and creativity bringing Grateful Dead come to life. They will be hitting the stage, bringing rich sounds commemorating Grateful Dead’s legendary music while adding their own sound and character. Can we say DEADEYEcation?

Green Mountain Grass will also be joining the party bringing in tradional bluegrass, gypsy swing, folk, funk, reggae, and jazz sounds. Uh-huh, all of that. Resulting in a melodic, harmonizing, bluegrassy, and rhythmic sounds. Yes, imagine all of that mixed together. Can’t imagine or picture this awesomeness? Then I guess you will have to see it for yourself!

Last but not the least, Flounders Without Eyes will be bringing some more sweet tunes ranging musical styles from Motown to Country to Rock to Bluegrass. This band has been rockin it since the 90’s and they are known to surely be a crowd pleaser.

If you know what’s good for you, then you know where you will be at this Thursday. See you there!

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