Find Your Inner Child at SummerCamp

Remember when we were kids and summer time meant spending time at camp, swimming in the pool, and jammin’ out to music with friends? Some people say adults are too old to go to camp during the summer. We say thats a lie. This summer Emily Bell and Present Company Theater is bringing back camp fun, adult style!

Photo taken from SummerCamp Facebook Page.

Although it’s a sad truth, there’s no denying that summer is coming to an end. Why not celebrate the end of the summer by bringing out your inner youth?  SummerCamp is a 1970′s Summer Camp themed event.  What sounds like more fun than being with friends, participating in camp competitions, listening to groovy music, cheap drinks, and indulging in local freshly cooked food? SummerCamp will be held for four consecutive Sundays, the festival started last Sunday on July 29th and will continue until August 19th.

Since we know that after reading this your going to definitely want to go and enjoy some summer fun at SummerCamp, here’s the down low on the event.  The event is $5 at the door and from 1-8 P.M. The following is a list of musicians who are performing.

Elijah Ford and the Bloom (August 5), The Sweet Nuthin ’, (August 5), Henry + The Invisibles (August 12), The Couch (August 12), Leopold and His Fiction (August 19th), Holiday (August 19), Purple (August 19), Emily Bell &  John Evans


Photo taken from SummerCamp Facebook page.

Come dressed in your 70′s gear, in your best 70′s swimsuit and enjoy the ride at SummerCamp. But don’t worry if you do forget your swimsuit, clothing will be for sale on site by Vox Vintage.  An urban oasis for creative and music lovers, this is one Austin event you will not want to miss!


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