Chapstick & Chapped Lips & Things Relient K Likes To Sing About

Ah the 90′s. We’re not talking 1992 here. We’re talking 1998 when the plaid layering was on its way out…slowly…and your dad was pondering weather or not he should buy one or two rain barrels for the great world’s end of 2000. You were still going to Blockbuster around this time…remember?!

It was a busy time indeed. Flashbacks to a Honda something covered with band stickers (owned by like, the coolest kids I knew then) existed in this 1998 time of my life and hiding amongst Five Iron Frenzy, TFK, The Chariot, P.O.D, Sanctus Real, Skillet and Taking Back Sunday stickers was this bad boy:

This is from Flickr. It’d be an actual picture of the actual sticker but you know, iPhones didn’t exist yet (cue the “holy shit I’m old existential crisis.”)

Rock ‘n roll. Relient K’s early days were spent accumulating fans in the Christian punk scene – real thing – piercings, tattoos, caffeine, the whole caboodle - but they broke into the mainstream following the success of their 2003 Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right But Three Do. Who else had all four album covers?! You were also one of the coolest kids I could have known then besides the guys who, in fact, DID wear pink tuxes to our prom. Yeah.

Capitol records brought them on and Mmhmm was released in 2004. This author’s high school boyfriend and his best friend totally ditched Mr. Taylor’s 10th grade history class to go buy it and listened to it in the parking lot during off campus lunch. They didn’t get caught. Not for that at least because it didn’t involve setting something on fire. I digress. Mmhmm toned down the cultural references and silly catch phrases the band had previously been known for and was their chance to experiment with a more serious sound.

Two of the tracks from Mmhmm made it to the MTV top ten as well as the weekend Top 40, and landed them an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live – a far cry from the clackity amusement park freedom festivals they were playing at the time of Anatomy of Tongue In Cheek. With song titles such as “The Only Thing Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse is Betting on One” and “Which to Bury; Us or the Hatchet?” they managed to retain their Honda sticker fans while enjoying a bit of a larger stage.

Since then, they have released four more studio albums including the most recent cover album, K Is for Karaoke, released in 2011. You can catch them live at Emo’s East this Sunday where your problems can fall outta the back of your mind with Hellogoodbye, William Beckett and House of Heroes.

We are also giving away tickets and Chapstick for your chapped lips…and you know…things like chemistry. Get yourself there. I’d bet money there will be at least one dude in a pink tux.


(If you’d told Rachel ten years ago she’d be writing this article she woulda laughed at you and then gone to play Frisbee golf…)

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