The 17th Annual Hatch Green Chile Festival

via Central Market

All hail green chile. Let’s all just take a moment to honor the greatness that it is. Be it fried or pickled or atop a pizza, be it dried or stewed or atop more pizza, sitting on a burger or maybe a taco, holy green chile we love you lotso.

You know there’s some places that DON’T HAVE GREEN CHILE? If you ever needed a reason to not go to Oklahoma anytime soon (one alone is a comical thought…) how about the fact that they look at you as if you’re a bonafide loony bin runaway if you order green chile on your pizza? Bewilderment in its finest form. “Oh you mean jalapenos?” JalapeNO you psychopath. Offended.

Let’s not dwell on the darkness that surrounded that evening, but that we are instead located the great land of Texas and that we have access to a Hatch Green Chile Festival every year. What the what!? Life is great.

via Central Market

Tomorrow, Central Market kicks off their 17th annual Hatch Chile Festival where they bring in some of the best, most flavorful chiles and roast them on site. They are hosting a recipe contest and are looking for entries, judges and cooking class participants from August 8-21st. We would do all of that stuff here but we only have a microwave for a kitchen sooo…green chile in a hot dog bun for us it is.

Hi. We made this. For you.

We have, however, delved into that which is our specialty, a little thing called the internet, to help get you fully outfitted for this spicy month. We have compiled a list of recipes to inspire you, a hatch green chile playlist - because that makes sense, and of course tastebuds at the ready if you want to test your green chile ideas on us before the final showdown. Green chile brownies what. the. heck. is. up!?

Also, you can – and should – enter our contest on Instagram! From now until August 21st, tag a picture of you either at Central Market or of you cooking up your best GC recipe. Two rules. 1. Hatch green chile MUST be in the picture and 2. Tag @do512 and #HatchFest in the caption of your Instagram. Otherwise, we won’t be able to see it silly pants.

Winner will be announced on August 22nd and while we’re still twirling about in the prize room (there’s no prize room) waiting for something to strike our fancy, we’re known to deliver some pretty fantastic awards for worthy winners.

I once fell in love with a man who made me green chile peanut brittle  - he had no other redeeming qualities but that’s a story for a different day.





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