South Lamar Trailer Bazaar

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new trailer food center on the block. The South Lamar Trailer Bazaar, located next door to Red’s Porch on South Lamar, is open for business and features a variety of tasty food options. The cozy little trailer park eatery features five unique food trucks surrounded by a white picket fence, and inside you’ll find a white rock garden and a covered patio/stage along with a few picnic tables.

The South Lamar Trailer Bazaar’s trailers include Collie’s Real Serious Burgers, Tacos la Guera, Boxcar Bistro, Trai Mai Thai and Honky Tonk Hot Dogs. So in one stop you can have your choice of French fare, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Tex-Mex and Thai options. Below is more information on each trailer:

  • Collie’s Real Serious Burgers - a gourmet burger trailer that features premium offerings including the Mason Fargason Collie Burger that was just featured on Thrillist. For more information visit
  • Boxcar Bistro - classic and casual French food using the best natural and organic ingredients. For more information visit
  • Tacos La Guera - homemade fresh tacos that are made to order. Most notably known for the Taco Loco and the DJ Taco, Tacos La Guera serves breakfast, lunch and vegetarian options. For more information visit
  • Honky Tonk Hot Dogs - gourmet hot dogs named after Austin music legends with impromptu live country music from Austin musicians like Dale Watson. For more information visit
  • Trai Mai Thai - the newest Thai trailer that features traditional and new Thai food with options from Curry, Fried Rice, Entrees and Noodles. For more information visit

The next time you’re in the area and looking for a quick bite to eat, we recommend you stop by and take a look around.  For more information you can visit

Check out these great photos captured by Do512 Photo Editor David Weaver :

Also, if you haven’t checked out our list of Food Trucks in Austin, you should do so. We will also soon be featuring many of the other trailer park eateries around town so you can get to know them better. We love making the rounds at the various trailers and trying out their stuff, so let us know if you have any favorite or new food trailers, trucks, or food carts in Austin that we should be aware of.

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