Never Hungover – The Cure for Friday Night

Here at Do512, even though we’re a small and busy office, we still go out on the town and celebrate the night life Austin has to offer. We’re  no strangers to hangovers especially as we creep on to on older years (WHAT IS HAPPENING to my face?) Fun happens and as a result hangovers happen. That’s why we’re excited about our new partnership with Never Hungover,  a hangover cure with natural ingredients.

Photo from Never Hungover’s Facebook page.

Hangovers now are about as fun as a 7am final in college taken on a stomach full of Ramen and angst at 19. I juuuust can’t liiiiive like thiiiis! Have you ever wished that you can go out on the town and not worry about having a hangover the next morning? Well, if so there’s a new product just for you!

The folks over at Parrish Whitaker, Never Hungover, LLC have created  Never Hungover,  a preventative drink made with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

You may be thinking that this drink must be magic if it can cure hangovers and while we’d love to see how many people we could convince this is made by unicorns, we feel that’s unfair to you.  Never Hungover helps the body process acetaldehydes (you know, those harmful toxins that are produced by the liver when drinking alcohol) into acetic acids so it can quickly leave the body, leaving you hangover free the next morning.

All you have to do is take it as a shot or a mixer while you’re out drinking and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling better than ever, and hangover free! You can find this product at your favorite convenience store, grocery, local pub or order it online.

Never Hungover is also currently hosting a few contests just in case, ya know, they aren’t doing you enough favors.  They are currently boasting a mixologist competition, simply share your favorite way to shake it up with Never Hungover as the mixer. Submit your entry to the top five recipes will be placed on Facebook for final voting. The grand prize is to have your recipe or cocktail featured on and a month supply of the product!


Never Hungover is also currently hosting a contest to win ACL Passes. If you “Like” Never Hungover on Facebook, you will be entered in a contest to win 2 VIP passes to ACL Music Festival, $500 spending cash, and a private party with the Never Hungover crew!

We suggest grabbing yourself a bottle of Never Hungover for the next time you go out on the town. With natural ingredients, no sugar, carbs or calories you’ve got nothing to lose except your headache!

Photo from Never Hungover’s Facebook page



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  1. Dan Clarke says:

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