Watch the Horns Hook ‘Em With Do512 and Brew Exchange!

Do you bleed burnt orange? Are you dying for football season to start? Do you love hot dogs and beer? ERMAGHERD! US TOO! And that’s why we’ve teamed up with Brew Exchange this season for the best Longhorn Football Watch Parties in the city!

Sure, there’s plenty of spots in Austin to watch the game, but if you’ve ever been to Brew Exchange, you know that’s where the party is. This prime locale has 11 TVs and 3 booths with private sound domes, as well as the everyday low, low beer prices. Our Longhorn Football Watch Parties keep the fun coming, with Local Brewery specials and free food from the weenie experts at Man Bites Dog.

 Photo Credit: Austin Monthly

So, to recap:

1) Local Brewery specials
2) Free food from the always-delicious Man Bites Dog
3) You’re in Brew Exchange while this is happening, which is always awesome
4) Longhorn Football, the best time of the year, and we’re probably gonna win every game this year.

But hey, don’t fret, visiting fans! What’s a Longhorn party without some good ol’ Texas-sized hospitality? Maybe UT isn’t your alma mater. So if you show up in the opposing team’s (hideous) colors, you get $1 off Every. Single. Beer. You. Drink. We call them Mercy Pints, and they’re just as refreshing as a Saturday afternoon win. That’s right, we’re looking out for ya, we figured watching your team get beat by Mack’s boys was rough enough. Team loyalty goes rewarded!

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Join Do512 at Brew Exchange every Saturday during Longhorn season for the best UT Football Watch Parties in town! Free food, Local Brewery specials, Mercy Pints, and tallies in the win column. Excessive celebration is allowed and encouraged.

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