Do512 and Tabbedout Have Your Guide to Austin Dive Bars!

Everybody loves the awesome dance floors in the Warehouse District, and who doesn’t enjoy matching your friends shot for shot on Dirty 6th? Austin’s got a lot of character, and there’s plenty of wild partying to be had….but sometimes you just want a more chill evening. Or maybe your wallet does. Either way, Do512 and Tabbedout have you covered with our Guide to Austin Dive Bars!

Photo Credit: Ardenstreet

Sometimes the strobe lights, loud music, pricey drinks, and crazy people can be a bit much. We’ve all been there. Sometimes the night is right for a rowdy little hole in the wall, where people have etched their names in the old wooden tables, sharpied their phone numbers on the bathroom stall, and beaten your ass down in a friendly game of pool. Dive bars are the perfect alternative, and with our handy guide, you’ll find the one that fills your need for cheap drinks, great conversation, and Johnny Cash (or NWA, or the Misfits) on the jukebox. And don’t forget to pay your tab with Tabbedout from your phone and skip the line. You can also redeem in-app offers at supporting locations!

Photo Credit: Culture Map Austin

So if you don’t feel like dancing or fighting the crowds, and if you want a strong drink for a smaller price, take a peek at our Guide to Austin Dive Bars, brought to you by Tabbedout!

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