Take a bite out of life, it’s shark week!

“Live every week like its Shark Week” is our mantra for the week, and it should be yours too! I don’t know about you, but we’re all excited for Shark Week at the Do512 office. I mean is there anything more fascinating than seeing sharks on your TV 24/7 for a whole week? We don’t think so. And no, we’re not being sarcastic- we really do love Shark Week. While we’re sad that the London Olympics are over,  we’re thrilled that Shark Week is on.  For us Shark Week is a celebration of the end of summer and of the ocean’s most amazing predator – the shark.

Photo taken from Shark Week’s Facebook page.

Millions of Americans wait all year, for this fateful week in August where Discovery Channel’s Prime Time television line up becomes all about sharks. The truth of the matter is, people love Shark week and it’s here to stay. This week marks the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s famed Shark Week.  What started as just a few sharks swimming across the television screen, has swept the nation and is now one of the most watched phenomenons on Discovery Channel.  There’s merchandise available: even Tom’s has created a shark Tom, just in time for Shark Week. The shoe sale proceeds go to protect sharks and their environment.

Photo taken from Shark Week’s Facebook page.

We do not have an answer for why Shark Week is so popular, but we’re not complaining. At the office we’ve been scouting Pinterest for fun and creative ways to celebrate this amazing week. If your looking for ideas on how to celebrate this great week known as Shark Week, check out our Pinterest board.

We’re all for new ideas and hearing about new events, so if you and your friends are celebrating Shark Week in any creative way, let us know! We hope you enjoy the 25th anniversary of Shark Week and remember “Live Every Week Like its Shark Week!”

To help you stick by that motto, we have lovingly compiled a Shark Week playlist for your longing ears!

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