What Made Milwaukee Famous

What Made Milwaukee Famous might not have actually made Milwaukee famous, but there is no doubt that they are famous in Austin. What Made Milwaukee Famous started in Austin in 2003, and have been entertaining fans for the past nine years with their indie rock sounds.

Photo via What Made Milwaukee Famous Facebook page. 

What Made Milwaukee Famous will be performing August 23 at The Parish.   In addition to having a prominent fan presence in Austin, the fact that the band has shared the stage with The Black Keys, Arcade Fire,   The National, Snow Patrol, The Walkmen, TV on the Radio, and the Pretenders remains a testament to their talent and respect of other artists in the music industry.

Fans of What Made Milwaukee Famous can celebrate the band’s new album at their upcoming performance at The Parish. Their new album tentatively titled, “You Can’t Fall Off The Floor” is the band’s third full-length album. The new album is said to pick up where the old one left off, combining catchy lyrics with lush instrumentation.

Photo via What Made Milwaukee Famous Facebook page. 

Come to The Parish to hear What Made Milwaukee Famous, and see why their catchy lyrics and addictive hooks constantly keep fans wanting more.

Photo via What Made Milwaukee Famous Facebook page.

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