Trains, Sounds, and Music Stardom – Music City Showdown Finals!

Austin is a music city. Nashville is a music city. We have some thoughts about both:

Since the dawn of time, one of our most pervasive fears has been that of the future. Though modern society is rife with wonder, most insist on continuing this phobia. If anything, the American Dream is structured to alleviate such concerns. Take William Hung. Here is a man popularly characterized as one of the most untalented singers of modern times, completely devoid of anything a person capable of hearing could call musical prowess. But you know who he is. While Hung could have shied at the chance to expose himself to millions on American Idol, instead he embraced the challenge that he clearly wasn’t ready for. Three albums and countless media appearances later, he is pretty much a cultural icon.


Thankfully, the circumstances surrounding the Round Rock Express’ Music City Showdown aren’t as tragic. The competition has boiled down to four local music talents who are all deserving of the trip to Nashville to perform live at The Stage on Broadway. While the competitors aren’t immortal, they stand a chance to be with a potential recording contact on the line. But as these things typically work, there can only be one. Check out videos from the four finalists:

1. Michellle Burnett:

2. Emily Cousins:

3. Sarah Rutherford

4. Taylor Stearns

More about the gals can be discovered here. Following the game between Nashville’s Sounds and the Round Rock Express at Dell Diamond next Thursday, these four will sing their hearts out for a panel of judges’ and the audience’s vote.


So if part of the American Dream involves singing competitions, other parts certainly include baseball and all-expense paid trips to Nashville. Also, prosperity and freedom, I think. Also jury duty— a civic duty most would rather skip out on. With someone’s life on the line, though with stakes in music stardom, the appeal of hotdogs and beer might attract a more ebullient jury, though we can only hope they won’t be Hung.

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