It’s a Mystery…. Sing-along!

Normally, here at Do512, we do our very best to tell you exactly what’s going on in this great city — but this time we’re not going to make it that easy for you. We’ll tell you about the sing-along at The Highball tomorrow night, yeah. And we’ll tell you that the whole point is to get together with your buddies, aquaintences and maybe even frienemies to sing at the top of your lungs — but we won’t tell you what you’ll be singing.
Don’t get mad, bro! That’s the whole point!

Every Tuesday at The Highball, The Action Pack is hosting a Mystery Sing-along where singing, dancing, laughing, ridiculous-ing is the reg.

OK, OK… just in case you aren’t in the know, let me tell you who The Action Pack is: they’re these dudes who put on awesome events, like sing-alongs, quote-alongs and Hecklevision at Alamo Drafthouses and The Highball.

What’s a sing-along exactly (or a quote-along)? It’s exactly what is sounds like. Throughout the film that’s showing, karaoke-like subtitles will scroll the screen so you can sing, scream or a combination of both to all of the words. And, unlike sober karaoke, everyone else sings too!

If you’re just not a fan of surprises, or you just like being a detective, you can follow both @highballaustin and @theactionpack on Twitter for hints to what’s playing. This week, they said they’re “going under the sea with themed cocktails and a hot crustacean band.” C’mon guys, could you be less obvious? It’s┬ádefinitely The Sound of Music!

Wait, right?

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