Tallest Man on Earth with Strand of Oaks at the Paramount 8/28

We the Do512-ers of the 512 do solemnly swear that we will faithfully execute the exposure of events in Austin, TX, and will to the best of our ability uncover, promote, and notify you of the happenings of this fine city… in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part.

Alright fine, maybe not until death. But don’t call shenanigans quite yet. We do dedicate our 9 to 5 (and sometimes later, true story) to exposing you to all the cool shit around town. You might even say it’s our job. Ha, ha.

ANYWAY Tallest Man on Earth is playing with Strand of Oaks at the Paramount on the 28th. This is the aforementioned cool shit we are hereby informing you of. Reeaaaal cool.

Tallest Man on Earth is an incredibly talented folk singer-songwriter with lyrics that will curl your heartstrings. Swedish hunk Kristian Matsson is reminiscent of a modern Bob Dylan: less political, equally poetic, strong voiced. Bringing the similarity full circle, Mattson recently played the Newport Folk Festival where Dylan in/famously went electric in ’65. Despite such comparisons, he maintains a unique sound all his own. Trained in classical guitar, he chooses to forego this method in favor of open tuning, which allows him to focus on singing more effectively. His lyrics are laden with imagery. Check this video out. Let it wash over you.

Even that KEXP host is speechless after that song. Tallest Man on Earth recently released his new album, There’s No Leaving Now, which had a sold out performance at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Trust us, this dude is best heard live. Being just one man, and certainly not even all that tall, he certainly does possesses a stage presence befitting the stature of his monicker. Observe this video in which he practically dominates a huge stage with the use of just his voice and a guitar.

Strand of Oaks will be opening this performance at the Paramount. While Tallest Man on Earth’s voice is reminiscent to that of an angel swallowing a concoction of finely ground gravel and diamonds, Strand of Oaks is honey slathered onto silk that is meandering leisurely atip of a single creamy breast.

Also a singer-songwriter, Timothy Showalter will mesmerize with his poetry and his velvet voice. Close your eyes, breathe, let it happen.

The show will be at the Paramount Theatre on August 28. Doors open a 7 and it’s an all ages event. Tickets can be purchased here. Be there!

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