4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow Party

4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow Party

Oh, the joy of toys.  A trip to Toy Joy will transport you to the endless days of childhood, where board games, candy, and plastic toys made your life complete.  If the embodiment of fun for you still consists of finger mustache tattoos and bacon bandaids, this just might be your new guilty pleasure.

The fun folks over at Toy Joy are hosting their 4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow.  The staff has unleashed their creativity onto canvas for all the world to see.  This year, 30 local artists are joining in on the festivities, displaying their art for the month of August at Tom’s Tabooley.  To celebrate the masterpieces, there will be a monstrous party going down on Sept. 1 at The Highball.  Since creativity and fun seems to be the theme over at Toy Joy, expect nothing less than a stellar fun night with music out the wazoo.  For your listening pleasure, Sleep Good, The Sour Notes, Bobby Jealousy, Transmography, and p-teK’s Playhouse (with special guest BAD WOLF) will keep the party going ’til 2 in the morning.

Stop by and get an eyeful of art and then head over to Highball to get an earful of tunes in celebration of the joy of toys and art and music and unicorns and zombies.  Too much?  Nah.







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