Lightning Bolt is playing Emo’s East!

And among the sounds, flashes and wind inside the storm comes a strobe of white! What could it be making such strong music? Are those only two men amongst that crowd of people playing drums and bass? Yes, yes it is. One of them has a mask on, and the other a sly smile. The music coming from inside the gathered, dancing swarm is loud and unpredictable with chanting vocals.

The band inside the squall is none other than the almighty Lightning Bolt! And they’re playing new storms of sound!

OK, I might have gotten carried away just now — I am aware that this is not a Pulitzer-winning novel — but hell, it’s Lightning Bolt we’re talking about here! And they’re playing on Wednesday at Emo’s East! And they’ll probably be playing new music from their album Oblivion Hunter, which comes out Sept. 25! Here’s the opening song from the album, “King Candy.”

These guys have been together since 1993, recording albums since 1997 and now they’re coming out with an EP of music they’ve been working on for years, but never included on other albums.

Lightning Bolt loves playing live shows. When they started in 1993 they would just go to venues and wing it, not thinking to record their stuff until five years later. Their thing is, and what I kind of touched on above is, they like playing amongst the crowd, not on a stage. Understandably though, they’ve gotten hugely popular and gained a large fan-base. I mean, they are playing at one of the best and biggest venues in Austin – Emo’s! We’ve gotta see what they’re gonna do for this show! Will they stick to their tradition of playing in the crowd, give a steller performance on stage, or a combination of both?

Opening bands are Kokomo and Zorch, who are both really killer.

Ticket-getting can happen here!


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