This Must be the Band at Lambert’s 8/30

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was!

Green screen technology at its height AMIRIGHT?

Well, unfortunately, some things are not same as they ever was, and the Talking Heads are no more. This is tragic whether you were old enough to appreciate them 30 years ago or grew up to appreciate them. If you’re the former you hopefully caught a show or two in their hey-day. If you’re the latter you reclaim the magic of a bygone generation by singing Burning Down the House at karaoke. If you are my neurotic ex-boyfriend you dress like David Bryne and have memorized his star sign (incidentally, Taurus).

The Talking Heads influenced Radiohead. You get what I’m saying?  You’ll never live to see the Talking Heads! They possess an undeniable slot in American music history. Their music is within you, whether it is conscious appreciation or subconscious osmosis.

If it was the year 2358, you could probably hitch a ride on the time machine highway and ask to be dropped off in 1983 (or maybe you’d have some timeline-miles saved up on your AmEx). But we live in 2012, and it is an era of imitation. The age of sequels. You get where I’m going. Can’t go back in time? Start a tribute band!

That is exactly what has transpired. They are called This Must Be The Band and they are almost but not quite the Talking Heads. Based out of Chicago but as of recently touring nationally, they play Talking Heads music and enjoy playing for hours and hours so that you may dance for hours and hours. Most importantly, hello, it’s live! Time to play pretend music-loving time travelers!

Thursday is really as great a day as any to have a post-punk new wave afro-beat 80′s dance party. After all, time isn’t holding us, time isn’t after us. The show will be at Lambert’s this Thursday, doors open at 10:30, $12, and tickets can be purchased here!

- @do512_Neda

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