Labor Day Is On the Way! Do512 and Tabbedout Keep You In the Know

Sure, it stays hot in Austin all year long, but Labor Day is that special three-day weekend where we all celebrate the official end of summer. That means our final barbecues, our last pool parties, and our first football games! With cookouts coming to a close and our Longhorns/Texans/Cowboys gearing up for another winning season, Labor Day signifies school is back in session and autumn is creeping up like oh so many dumb Halloween costume ideas (we’ve already thought of a few). So don’t sit around this weekend! You’ve got a three day weekend, and Do512 and Tabbedout have the scoop on all the awesomeness going down for Labor Day in Austin.

Whether you’re looking for a solid late night dance party, a rocking local band, or maybe a nice air-conditioned comedy festival, there’s no doubt Austinites do Labor Day weekend the right way. Check out our list and plan accordingly. There’s plenty of fun going on for the whole family, and even more fun to be had after the sun goes down. So make sure you skip those long holiday weekend lines and use Tabbedout to pay for your tab. You can do it from your phone quickly and easily, and you can also redeem in-app offers at supporting locations!

So don’t waste another minute. Labor Day weekend is….wait….this weekend?! Oh wow, that crept up fast. Check out our guide to Labor Day In Austin and plan your three-day party, brought to you by Tabbedout!

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