Rock ‘n Roar – Quiet Company on Tour!

Forget everything you’ve heard about Quiet Company up until this point!

 via Julie Cope Photography

…Because it’s all true and we want the chance to tell you again and think it’s all our own idea. Ironically enough, there’s been a ton of noise coming not only from the band themselves, but also from Austin music lovers and media for a good long time now. Whether you caught their three set live show that sold out Hotel Vegas this summer, have seen them wrap Grooveshark’s skin, or follow their quirky snark (and pedicure sojurns?) on Twitter, these dudes are always kickin it with a clever sense of humor and an inclination to burst into a thunderous tune at any given moment.

Don’t believe us? Check out their most recent set from the Do512 Lounge shot just this past Saturday.

Rock ‘n roar…give us some more!

While we love when national acts come in for festival season, we owe the bands that work their tails off right here in Austin some solid backing when they land themselves in said festivals. QC will be at ACL on Saturday, October 13 at 11:15. Those of you who are cursing the sky and about to punch a hole in your monitor because you’re not going to ACL, calm the heck down will ya?

Lessons from Tommy in keeping your cool.

This Thursday, they’re bringing their thunder one last time to Austin before venturing on a great wide tour. This is where you non-ACL attendees breathe a sigh of relief and apologize to the sky. Shhh shh therrrrre ya go. Cue amazing, swelling, heart gripping tour trailer…

If you haven’t heard them ever-ever, this is going to be the show to get to. You also ought to consider moving out from under that rock. Their live shows are incredibly high energy and just in case dancing isn’t quite your thing, watching Taylor (vocals) rage and jump around without tripping, falling or breaking anything is as captivating as a disco ball in a black-light roller rink…only louder.

amIright? OfcourseIam.

Tickets are only $8 in advance and will be $10 day of show. Doors are at 9pm and openers include The Tontons and Bobby Jealousy so get there early and get a good spot. We’ll see you there to wish the boys good luck on their tour. Give em some love and congratulate them on being anything but quiet.

 – @Do512_Rachel

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