Dia De Los Toadies Music Festival

The first and last time I saw the Toadies it was summer in Denton, TX, at Rockin’ Rodeo– 2 years ago? It was, as is the unquestionable nature of Denton, under some strange and surreal circumstances.

Rockin’ Rodeo was the home of $.25 Wednesday night wells, nestled in a quaint neighborhood shopping plaza between a Pancho’s Mexican Buffet and Dollar General. We the people of Denton Texas do not discriminate when it comes to cheap alcohol, so it is saying something to say we avoided the Rockin’ Rodeo at all cost, except in the poorest and darkest of personal and monetary circumstances. So when we heard the Toadies were playing a show there we were astonished, perhaps slightly horrified (but still totally down).

The Toadies are the Toadies and, uhhh, Rockin’ Rodeo is not a typical venue for bands cruising through a music town.

But the Toadies are the point of this post, not my weird nostalgia for a bar I hated. Specifically, Dia De Los Toadies. The music festival celebrates its 5th year at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels this weekend.

The members of the Toadies started Dia de Los Toadies in 2008, where it has since then become a huge success. The festival has previously hosted the likes of Ben Kweller, the Heartless Bastards, Centro-matic, Girl in a Coma, Bright Light Social Hour, Bowling for Soup, and the Black Angels.

In 2010 the decision to place the festival in New Braunfels was made, and as of this year it will take place on Labor Day weekend. Dia De Los Toadies kicks off this Friday the 31st with an intimate acoustic evening with the Toadies and Sixteen Deluxe. On Saturday the full line up begins, and features: The Toadies, Mariachi el Bronx, Helmet, Riverboat Gamblers, Brutal Juice, Sixteen Deluxe, King Bucks, the Soldier Thread, Cartright, the Phuss, Diesel & Dixie, and O Conqueror.

Speaking of Denton, several of those bands are from there, represent, what! Of course, duh, many are from Austin. And that, friends, is a whooole lotta Texas. Anyway, Whitewater Amphitheatre is right on the river. Music, water, beer, friends! Floating the river en masse with a bunch of rock musicians on a labor-day weekend sounds like the premium all-American way to wave goodbye to the final vestiges of summer.

(I was gonna try an “I come from the water” joke, but turns out I’m not that lame. You’re welcome.)

- @Do512_Neda

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