Tipico with DJ Chorizo Funk & Orion at Hotel Vegas

Labor day is around the corner, and you know what that means… it’s a three-day weekend! Aw Yeah! It’s that time of the year to reward your hard working self, blow off some steam and play as hard as you work! Why not? You got that extra day off work to get over that horrible hangover. Or if you’re cool enough, you could use that extra day to keep the party going! Show your self who’s the boss! It’s totally acceptable, don’t worry about it!

To kick off labor-day weekend, our hardworking friends from Hotel Vegas are bringing a new monthly get down this Saturday, Sept 1st featuring DJ Chorizo Funk and DJ Orion. What better way to celebrate the weekend than drinking Dominican Presidente beer, Latin inspired specialty drink, eating a whole pig roast, and getting down to some funky Latin beats. All for free! F Yeah Labor Day America! Which in this case, F Yeah Latin America? Eh who cares, a party is a party, especially if involves free booze and food!

Expect lots of body rockin and buckin with DJ Chorizo Funk. He is known around town for taking over and bringing the heat to the dance floor. Collaborating with DJ Chorizo Funk is DJ Orion. Thank the DJ gods these guys have collaborated! They will be spinning sick beats, and playing all your favorites from pachanga to funk to mambo. This collaboration is known to be lethal, meaning they will be straight up killing it on the dance floor.

Pay off your hardworking self and head over to Hotel Vegas this weekend! See you there!


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