Do512 Welcomes Painting with a Twist!

Life can get old. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, go to the bar, go to sleep, rinse, repeat. It’s easy to fall into stagnant routine and difficult to break out of a comfort zone.

Don’t be like Bart Simpson.

We live in denial of the cyclical nature of life. A city is full of cool distractions. Still though it’s easy to fall into bar, show, bar, show, bar, bar and it becomes necessary to remind ourselves of the sheer availability of STUFF to do in Austin. No more waking up dreading the day. No more inventing little dramas to keep life interesting. No more making excuses! Time to get your ass out of the same bar you go to every night. Time to meet some new people. Time to do new things. Time to make things happen. Time for something completely different!

Don’t be like Zach Braff.

Actually, seriously, here’s something to break the cycle of ennui in a pretty cool and original way. Painting! Specifically, group painting. Painting With a Twist is different from the average weekend plans, lead by a different local artist each session, and BYOB. Whether it’s with friends, a date, or a team-buildig exercise, it’s something fun and different to do.  If you don’t think you posses the necessary artistic ability to paint or have never painted before it’s really no problem. Each session the artist in charge will give you step by step instructions on how to create your own masterpiece. At $35 per 2 hour class or $45 per 3 hour class, all art supplies are provided and all that’s on you is to bring yourself some drinks and snacks. Also provided are corkscrews, wine glasses, napkins, ice buckets, etc. Please note that although the age limit is 15, it is required that you be at least 21 to drink. It’s a great creative outlet for piled up daily stress and neuroses, a cool way to meet new people, and a damn fun thing to do.

It’s also a pretty sweet date idea. Don’t take your lady/man on that boring dinner-and-a-movie BS! If it’s a special someone and you’re really looking to wow them on a first date–if you want to be remembered–if you don’t want your number to wind up deleted–then group painting is an intimate and fun way to get to know each other. If there’s an awkward lag in conversation, let the group conversation take over or let the painting speak for itself. At the end of it, your person will definitely be impressed by your initiative. (All you have to do is ensure your date doesn’t also read this blog.) Plus, at the end of it, you’ll each have a painting to commemorate the night by. So a year from now when you’re living together and you look up above the TV, you’ll have a nice reminder of your first date.

Space is limited, so reserve a spot early. You can reserve online at their website or by phone at (512) 371-9488. Plus, here’s the icing on this proverbial cake: click “I like it” for a chance to get a pair of free tickets every week. The only thing better than going on a date is going on a free date.

So with one post I’ve rid your ennui and given you great dating advice. You’re welcome!

- @do512_Neda

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