Stubb’s welcomes home The Bright Light Social Hour on 9/29 with Hard Proof

Stubb’s welcomes home The Bright Light Social Hour on 9/29 with Hard Proof

If you want to see the evolution of a rock band, you don’t have to look much further than Austin’s own Bright Light Social Hour.  Their days of playing any bar that would feed them a couple of lone stars are over, but not long forgotten.  Jack O’Brien (bass), Curtis Roush (guitar), A.J. Vincent (keyboard) and Jo Mirasole (drums) are the quintessential conglomeration of musical perfection.  This formation may have been by chance but they had a common vision of spreading love and funky grooves to the masses and with a lot of hard work, that is just what they are doing.  I’m sure any of them will tell you their plight has not been the easiest.  With clever guerilla marketing tactics and an electric live performance, they have stepped into the next realm of entertainment, with the perfect marriage of southern rock, soul and disco.

On a recent run up the east coast, the guys came to the pinnacle of their young career when they opened for the legendary Aerosmith.  They can also mark “selling out the Bowery Ballroom in NYC” off of their bucket list.  Also on tour, a quick coffee break cost them everything they had when burglars jacked their gear and luggage.  The band has been about community and gathering from day one and karma wasn’t about to let this break their spirit.  Fans rallied together to recover the assets in an astonishing 4.5 days.

After the emotional whirlwind of this tour, BLSH heads home to regroup, rehearse, and prepare for a forthcoming album.  Marking their return will be a soul-shaking, booty-grooving, passion-evoking epic show at Stubb’s with fellow funksters Hard Proof.  This band will be seeing nothing but bright lights in their future, so come on out on Sept. 29 to give them a proper homecoming.  Purchase tickets before they’re gone or try your luck at one of two pairs of tickets that Do512 is giving away.

A little Q&A with Jack O’Brien from The Bright Light Social Hour:

Q: From an emotional standpoint, what is the key difference in playing for a hometown crowd?

It really feels like home. Which is an incredible feeling being gone as much as we are. I’m honestly more excited and nervous about this show than any we’ve done in recent memory.

Q: As true Austinites, what would you tell a tourist to do if they only had 24 hrs here?

P. Terry’s, Barton Springs, sloppy 2-steppin’ at the White Horse. Those are usually the 1st things we do when we come home from tour.

Q: What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started and the single most important piece of advice you have received?

I wish I knew just how much patience and persistence and relentless touring it’d take to get our name out. It’s been years of forcing ourselves in front of people and we’ve come a long way but we’ve still got such a long way to go. Single most important piece of advice? Take care of your body. Mama told me that one.

Q: What do you do with free time on the road?

Most of our time is spent on our laptops emailing and updating pages and keeping the business moving. Jo does some killer DJ sets from the back seat. When there’s free time I edit the footage we take on tour for the U.S. Rubdown series.

Q: Top 5 albums to get you in the mood?

I’m assuming you mean the mood- for love.

War – All Day Music

Chromatics – Kill For Love

Gotan Project – Lunático

Washed Out – Life of Leisure

Mortal Kombat 1995 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Q: What can we expect from the new album?

It’s hard to say because every song is coming out quite differently. The new stuff certainly has a much wider breadth of emotion, much of it quite a bit darker, harder, more ethereal, but much is still to be written.


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