Who Broke a Wishbone for Wild Frontier Fest’s 2012 Lineup?

Some centuries ago, America was a largely uncrowded and ostensibly magical place, full of promise and deadly mammals. Despite what could be called “some tension” between the natives and the new European vacationers, they were able to sweep these sentiments under the rug (not literally, natives likely still didn’t trust colonial linens) in an effort towards community and goodwill. Though we are still a ways off from Thanksgiving, it’s certainly never a bad time to celebrate unmarred frontiers and community.


Enter Wild Frontier Fest, Mohawk‘s exceptionally curated festival. Featuring a cornucopia of diverse acts, it serves to highlight both local and national talents across genres. With more acts than you can shake a stick at, WFF ’12 will imbue merry jigs and branch redundancy. Headliner Baths returns to Austin after last year’s lauded Fun Fun Fun Fest set, mixing glitchy electronics with pop sensibilities. Austin synth rockers Speak will play as well, with What Made Milwaukee Famous and Mother Falcon representing the best that Austin indie has to offer. True to fashion, Houston noise-rapper B L A C K I E All Caps With Spaces is expected to give a decibel pumping show. I could go on, but why would I? More than 20 bands are coming out on September 8th, and with a cover of only $15, it’s literally a better deal than Taco Bell. And live music is better than hard shell tacos, right?


In its third year, Wild Frontier Fest will be packing in more music, more dancing, and more general feelings of fulfillment than before. Much as the turkey did hundreds of years ago, the Vagabond Collective is responsible bringing these distinct groups together and making it all gravy. If only I could guarantee my Snuggie is cholera-free…

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