Emo’s & Beauty Ballroom: Welcome to the Do512 Family!




If you’ve ever been to the Do512 “compound” over here on South Lamar, then you definitely know how cozy it is.  We associate cozy not only with being stuffed like sausages into a little office, but also with a sense of family and community.  We are so very excited to officially welcome Emo’s and Beauty Ballroom to our little crazy clan.  Not that you didn’t already get the goods on what was going down at the two local music hot spots, but now we will work like it was our job, obsession life’s purpose to inform you of upcoming events.

Speaking of cozy, the two venues are awesome friends and it’s a good thing since they are right smack next to each other. Both venues are huge and have added a crush of amazing noise to east Riverside – just a hop and a skip away from downtown. Have a friend hanging at BB and you’re just, ya know, chillin at Emo’s? Don’t you even worry about it. A skip across the parking lot and before you know it you’re huggin it out commenting on your mutual good taste in Friday night location landing. Fancy.

If glittered walls, giant shows, aerial dancers, or just an awesome area to have a cold one is your thing, get to Beauty Ballroom. Also, if you’re one of many Brewskee Ball lovers, you perhaps have heard that the league has chosen Beauty Ballroom to be their new game spot in Austin per the closing of the Scoot Inn. Let the Skeeson begin!

Emo’s is packing them in and we’re so excited that we’re getting to partner with them right before their 20th birthday. Can you even believe it. Look forward to featured stories and highlights from one of our favorite Austin venues as they creep up on this milestone and plan on getting over there to help them celebrate. They’ve been keeping you in badass shows for a longass time.

We know what you’re thinking- “Where’s the ticket giveaways, already?”.  Don’t you fret, little grasshoppers, there will be a plethora of those, too.  We are stoked- could you tell?

Check out all the super-rad upcoming events at Emo’s & Beauty Ballroom.  Right meow!


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