If you’ve had to hail a cab, especially during SXSW or one of our many other giant festivals, then you might have…given up. And instead of catching a ride, you caught West Nile because you waited outside FOREVER.

Ok, so hopefully that didn’t happen. But, still. Sometimes it feels like you need some sort of guide; a breakdown of how to actually tackle the feat of getting to your next destination. Something like this:

Stephanie Pratt via HillstoCity

Jeez, F that, right? Thank the heavens it’s 2012 so that everyone can avoid these conundrums. Because, guess what? Cabs? There’s an app for that.

Meet HAIL A CAB – the newest FREE app from Yellow Cab. This app is going to make your life so much easier. With HAIL A CAB you will be able to:

  1. Locate cabs in real time - Do some espionage shit and find ones that are closest to you so you’re not headed in the wrong direction for god knows how long.
  2. Hail the nearest cab - Or you can just bypass the spy stuff, click a few clicks and one will head your way.
  3. Schedule future pickups – This feature is going to totally rule during SXSW.
  4. Track your cab en route – No more will you finagle your brain with thoughts like, “Do I have time to grab some grub from that trailer?” Or, “Should I drink another beer?” Just spy on your cab and plan accordingly!
Thank you, Yellow Cab. On so many levels. Millions of West Nile-free future generations will totally owe you.

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