Jams, Whips and Pain

In today’s sterile world, it is almost too easy to compartmentalize and repress hidden hurts. Friends get catty, work is overloading, and sometimes all you want is the last donut. Tell me, when was the last time you got it? We all go about our days tolerating annoyances and minor anguishes, with no real outlet for our true feelings. Well, almost all of us…

When the moons align just so, dozens of local women shed their daytime identities and assume personas granted to them by the gods. They roll around town, the wraiths of the South, dealing pain and justice. Not wraiths of Middle Earth, though still ringwraiths in the circles they keep. Feared, exalted, and repected: they are the Texas Rollergirls.

While, some use outlets such as Zumba or rummy as outlets for their daily stresses, these women train their bodies to deal and absorb pain, all while maintaining sheer athleticism. Around and around they go, skating counterclockwise in teams of 5. In trying to get one player (the jammer) to lap the other team, the rest of the players play defense and offense simultaneously. Making space for your own jammer might allow the other team’s through, and blocking might cut off your own. It gets complicated. And physical.

And it all comes down to this, the last bout of 2012. These ladies have been checking, whipping, and goating all year, and now it’s the championship. The Hell Marys will face the Hotrod Honeys to determine the 2012 Champions, with an opening bout between the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hustlers for third place. It all goes down this Saturday starting at 5:15 PM in the Austin Convention Center. Bring your friends and bring your spirit, you’re gonna need it.


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