Passion Pit at The Backyard

Photo by Justin Borucki

The boyfriend of the year award in 2008 would have to go Michael Angelakos, who wrote and performed a slew of songs for his then girlfriend as a belated Valentine’s gift.  The laptop-created collection would soon become Chunk of Change and passed out like hot tamales on the Emerson College campus, where Angelakos was enrolled.  The songs became the soundtrack to college life in the Boston area.  At a solo performance, Berklee student Ian Hultquist approached Angelakos with dreams of collaboration.  In reference to a drive-in theater, where teens were known to get “passionate”,  Passion Pit was born.

After a considerable amount of time and the addition of more band members, the collaborative efforts came to life with a full-length studio album, Manners, in 2009.  With the combination of catchy electronic and sugary pop beats, the album proved to be an instant success.  The album received critical acclaim and recognition, with many tracks being  featured in television shows and commercials.  The following year, the band opened for English rockers, Muse, made the festival circuit, and sold out venues nation-wide.  The band’s sophomore album, Gossamer, was released in July 2012 and holds true to the infectious, lyrical, can’t get that song out of my head, styling that the band has seemed to trademark.

Passion Pit returns to Austin on September 15.  One thing that can be promised from this show is a good time. It is simply impossible to see their live performance and not leave in the happiest of moods.  The Backyard will be the setting for this dance party bonanza.  Grab your tickets, and make your escape to Bee Cave to experience a real “passion pit”.


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