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We fight for shotgun because it’s the DJ chair–we fight over the iPod in small gatherings. Being a music-passionate bunch of Austinites, we love sharing new tracks we’re into with friends and peers.  There are reasons for this. 1) We want to connect with someone over our musical taste, on a deeper level. 2) we want to control the vibes and ensure everyone’s good time. That’s some power. Sometimes, with the right kind of person, that power hits a chord and becomes a calling…

Thusly, from the embers of humble beginnings ascends a single people-pleasing psyche– shrouded in bass and snapback, eyes clouded by mystery and shutter shades. A human culmination of trendy music and ego so large it can incite booty shaking of epic dance-floor sized proportion….

That is how a DJ is born. Duh.

We all gotta little DJ in us. No lie no deny. We just never get around to fully realizing that potential or getting our hands on a turntable, or maybe it’s an intimidating scene to break into. Well, today I stand before you with some information: You can. The potential, turntable, and the scene are all yours for the taking.

Dub Academy is a DJ and music production school that is dedicated to helping you realize your DJ dreams, if that’s your aspiration. Their certified instructors will teach you everything you need to know about production software to begin your musical path to the dance floor. They’re patient, friendly, and they want you to find your potential.

Do not let the name fool you, this is NOT a dubstep school. The Academy’s staff is knowledgeable in all genres, and probably some you don’t even know about yet. They’re open to anyone with the desire to DJ–9 year olds to senior citizen #SwagStatus. So if you want to play for a group of friends, at parties, on 6th street, or you want fame and fortune–Dub Academy will provide the training you need and help put yourself out there.

Yo, don’t be jealous, but the Do512 crew is gonna be doing a team-building day at Dub Academy on the 21st. Seriously. We’ve already picked out our DJ names. There’s gonna be some fierce competition around the office over who’s gonna be the best DJ. (Obviously it will be me. “Yeah right,” says everyone.) We couldn’t be more excited for this battle royale! Because “Battle royale” and “team building” totally go hand in hand, right? Check out our DJ names! We certainly did not spend way too much time around the office coming up with them…

Kristin: DJ Kay Yo

Amanda: DJ Jamanda

Rachel: DJ Kate Space

Lawrence: DJ Flavor Machine

Kat: DJ Katdillac

Candice: DJ CanDecide

Neda: DJ ThundaSwag

Y’all, true story, DJ-ing payed my way through college. Just kidding, no it didn’t. But you’re probably cooler than me, and it can pay for yours. Go a step further; make it a profession, be famous–it’s all at your fingertips.

- @do512_neda

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  1. ArnDog says:

    ThundaSwag – totally the best dj name with DJ Flavor Machine on a close second

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