Missy Higgins at La Zona Rosa, Sept 11.

There is something about Australians that just makes us gaga and go wild for them. Could it be their super sexy accent that just gets us? Each time….. or is it their sex appeal that makes them so exotic? Oh, the Aussies… they had me at “Oy mate!”

Photo Credit: MissyHiggins.com

In this case Missy Higgins, a successful Australian pop singer-songwriter just had us. Won us over. Done. Not just by her beautiful self and thick Aussie accent. But, alluring the world with her effortlessly beautiful, quivering soulful singing voice, that truly stands out among others. A voice that surely isn’t easy to forget. Charming the world since 2004 with her No. 1 albums “The Sound of White,” “On a Clear Night,” and “The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle.”

It’s no surprise Higgins has had a stunning breakthrough, she is a truly talented artist that has written most of her songs on her album, with songs inspired by her struggle and disillusionment with the entertainment industry. Making her fans and audience that much more connected to her through her music. In addition to her music career, Higgins also finds the time to pursue her interest in animal rights and the environment. Also, a partisan to various Australian mental health charity. Higgins is truly an angel and we cannot help, but to fall in love.

Accompanying Higgins is Butterfly Boucher, also an Australian singer-songwriter who has worked on co producing Higgins album. And Katie Herzig, a singer-songwriter from Colorado. These three charming ladies are happy to announce that they will be touring together in the US during the month of September. And here is your chance to check them out at La Zona Rosa, Sept. 11.


Don’t be a piker (Australian slang, which means someone who doesn’t want to do something.) and be there!

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