Emo’s Celebrates 20 Years

In September of 1992, Emo’s opened its doors on Red River. Now the veteran rock club, which recently moved its headquarters to Riverside, is celebrating twenty years of keeping Austin weird. To honor the history of Emo’s past and present the team has booked a terrific run of anniversary shows marked by performances from Neon Indian, Hot Water Music, Guided by Voices, Atmosphere and Kreator & Accept.

Here’s a look at the Emo’s 20th Anniversary shows:

9/15: Neon Indian & Auto Body
9/22: Hot Water Music
9/25: Guided By Voices
9/26: Atmosphere
9/30: Kreator & Accept

Tickets are available at the Emo’s website as well as at their ticket outlets Waterloo Records, End of an Ear Records, and Trailer Space Records.

We did a little digging to look back at some previous Emo’s anniversary shows that have taken place over the past twenty years. Each anniversary had its own unique flavor and a wide variety of acts. Here’s a look at some of the bills we were able to track down:

19th: Big Business, Megafauna
16th: Balmorhea, Girl in a Coma
15th: Glorium, Ghostland Observatory
14th: Scratch Acid
12th: MC5
11th: Turbonegro
10th: Riverboat Gamblers, Butthole Surfers
7th: Melvins, Honky
5th: Mudhoney, Lord High Fixers
3rd: The Fluid, Sugar Shack

This research also inspired a Spotify playlist that spans 20 years of rock at Emo’s. We basically searched back as far as we could find to see who was playing Emo’s back in the early days, all the way back to ’92, and slowly worked our way forward from there. A lot of classic concert posters provided some inspiration, and even though bands like Glorium, Jesus Christ Superfly, The Motards and Box Car Satan were hard to come across on Spotify, we were able to include a whole bunch bands that Emo’s hosted at various times throughout its history. Listen here: 20 Years of Emo’s on Spotify

We also sent a few questions to the Emo’s staff asking to share some of their favorite memories from over the years. Here is what one anonymous staffer shared with us:

Q: What is one experience you’ve witnessed at Emo’s that you will still be telling people about years from now?

A: Shows: I’m forgetting more than I remember. Cock Sparrer without a single fight until the moment their last song ended. Method Man walking on the hands of the crowd to FoH on the outside room the first time he performed. Mastodon inside. Atmosphere inside. A whole host of bands inside I have forgotten who went on to amazing things. X reunion. Cheap Trick.

A: Stories: The kid who came to the day show during SXSW prior to the Rock Against Bush showcase later that night who hid in a port-a-potty for 2 hours so he could see NOFX. The guitarist for Confuzatron, dressed as Space Ghost, using his amp to beat to the ground his bassist, who was dressed as a giant chicken. Dan Higgs strumming his banjo on the patio to a captivated and quite aroused miniature pony. Getting maliciously lactated on by a speed freak who was pissed off I wouldn’t let her in.

Q: Who spends the most time working on his facial hair? Who is best/worst dressed?

A: If that Guilty guy doesn’t win worst dressed, I’ll be shocked. As for most time spent grooming a beard, I think that would have to go to either Tom or Houshang.

Happy Birthday Emo’s. Here’s to 20 more!

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