Minor Mishap Marching Band and Yob @ Beauty Ballroom

Different Shit, Different Day.

Photo courtesy of MMMB Facebook

Minor Mishap Marching Band is a 25 piece marching band on crack. With extravagant costumes, brass instruments, and overall extravagance, a Minor Mishap Marching Band performance is like walking into the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, minus the soul-stealing. Its as if all the hooligans that got kicked out of marching band for their boisterousness and punk rock covers came together and formed a circus-punk-brass band.

Named “Austin’s Best Marching Merrymakers” in the Austin Chronicle’s 2011 Best of Austin Awards, Minor Mishap has been described as “anarchist, psychotic bumblebees, blowing music out of variously sized holes, standing atop bars, stages, and one another.”  Perhaps if a rowdy group like Minor Mishap played at my halftimes, I might’ve attended a game or two.

Minor Mishap will be performing this Saturday 9/15 at Beauty Ballroom accompanied by aerialist troupe, Sky Candy and Bollywood dancers, Bollywood Shake.  Sky Candy is a circus arts and aerialist troupe that performs trapeze, lyra, and silks choreography.

Photo: http://bit.ly/lubgUi

If crazy marching bands and cultural performances don’t float your boat, perhaps doom metal is more your forte. Yob, known for combining elements of doom, progressive, slug, and space rock are playing Beauty Ballroom the following day on Sunday September 16th. “ Yob has amassed a reputation within doom metal as one of the mightiest, unique, and most respected doom metal acts of our time.” – Blabbermouth.com

With their innovative live show, and songs spanning upwards of 10 minutes or more, Yob will be a metal show worth seeing.  Yob will be joined by progressive, doom bands Norska and Cormorant.  Altercation Comedy’s JT HABERSAAT will also be doing a stand-up performance.

Tickets can be found at Beauty Ballroom or you can try your luck at FREE tickets by liking Minor Mishap Marching Band or Yob on Do512.

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