Pretty Lights at The Backyard 9/22

Pretty Lights at The Backyard 9/22

Photo by: Krystle Blackburn

Pretty Lights is the electronic brainchild of Derek Vincent Smith.  His Colorado high school days were often spent writing and producing hip-hop music.  Smith’s passion for music would soon pull him away from his freshman year of college, where he would join forces with Cory Eberhard.  In 2007, the two began playing for big acts such as STS9 and Widespread Panic.  A mere 2 years later, Pretty Lights was on the festival bandwagon and rising quickly to the top of an emerging electronic phenomenon.

Pretty Lights finds their niche by way of digital sampling, adding a glitchy effect to a variety of genres, including hip-hop and soul.  There seems to be an ongoing debate about the “validity” of electronic music.  Listening to one track will turn you into a believer- the creativity required to turn a song into something entirely different, perfectly aligning the beats and effortlessly  connecting completely different genres, is the new wave of music.  You can’t have a moniker like Pretty Lights and, well, not have lights.  Their sets feature a state of the art, massive visual experience.  Giant LED towers resembling cityscapes were revealed at a 2011 Bonaroo performance, completing the group’s total EDM package.

As a true entrepreneur and music enthusiast, Smith formed Pretty Lights Music, a record label, which he dubs as a “music posse”.   The label serves to pave a path for artists with a similar music vision and also offers free downloads of any Pretty Lights album.  PLM artists, Star Slinger, Tokimonsta, and Supervision will open up the show on Friday, 9/22, at  The Backyard.  This will not be your average dance show, but rather an experience you won’t want to miss.  As always, click “I Like It” to score some sweet tickets.


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