Recipe for a good weekend at Antone’s with DeadEye, Mission of Burma and more!

Recipe: How to cook up a good weekend.
Difficulty: EasyPeasy like Mac n Cheesy.

A lusciously taste of sweet, rockin music with a little bit of southern and northern punk. Presented to you by the legendary Antones….

Warning: Ingredients may contain hazardous, too good to handle, mind-blowing sounds and experience.

Please take precautions. We warned you! By opening this blog, you agree that we are not responsible for any allergic reactions or medical conditions this recipe may have caused you. But trust us, it’s going to be good. Nom nom nom nom…


-DeadEye. Fri, 9/14 @10:30pm
Don’t fret, were not talking about a real deadeye. We are talking about the Grateful Dead’s tribute band DeadEye. Organically grown from Austin, TX. Don’t judge, they’re just not another carbon copy, DeadEye delivers original sounds of their own. A delicious tone with a strong, pungent, hint of Greatful Dead’s legendary music.

3 cups of Rock, 2 cups of Americana, and 1 ½ cups of Psychedelic.

-Mission of Burma. Sat, 9/15 @ 9pm
Don’ fret, we are not to ask of you to go on a mission. Mission of Burma is another key ingredient to this banging dish. Freshly picked from the lands of Boston, Massachussetts. A flavor of relentlessly intense eclectic rock n roll.  Stirring up the postpunk movement since 1979.

4 ½ cups of Punk, 2 cups of Alternative, 2 cups of Indie, and 1½ cup of Experimental.

-The Gary. Sat, 9/15 @9pm
Don’t fret, no need to find you a Gary or “The Gary.” Homemade in a garage somewhere in Austin, TX. A scrumptious, hearty garage rock intended to serve those hungry appetites.

3 cups Garage Rock, 2 cups Punk and 10 cups of awesomeness.


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Here’s a little preview of the end results….

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