The Price is Right Brings Rhymes Not Trite

O blog Muse, imbue me with views
Give my post’s page hits your kiss
O WordPress sage, increase my “time spent on page”
Grant me this rant for your viewers to enchant
The Fates of the 512 town come swirling around
For my wit doth come as slow as a sloth

In the year 1972 of our Lord, a sensation from the TV roared
T’was not hell-spawn or M*A*S*H that came on
But a revolution in games from the heavens rained:
The Price is Right filled our den’s with light.

Bob Barker’s wizardly ways obscured the amount to pay
A cent less than yours is a gambit that bores
But games such as Plinko might ring in some dough
Precarious under a new host, fans felt pre-Carey asunder anew post-

Thus fun will come to Waterloo in a burst on September the 21st
To the Center of Long, though most prices will be wrong
With a celebrity guest host, your jovial times will be a boast
It is not often game shows come to town, so be a winner and come on down!

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