The Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Antone’s this Thursday (9/20)

From Black Crowes to Brotherhood

Are you a Black Crowes fan looking for a taste of the good ole’ days?  The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is the newest project from The Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. During The Black Crowes hiatus, along with former Crowes keyboardist Adam MacDougall, Robinson teamed up to create a new southern rock quintet.

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His new project The Chris Robinson Brotherhood played over 100 shows before recording two new albums. Take a step into the Magic Door and discover the psychedelic blues sound of CRB’s new album. Recorded in concurrence with Big Moon Ritual, Magic Door is the perfect companion to their debut album. Big Moon Ritual has often been described as “the closest thing to new Grateful Dead music since Jerry died. The Brotherhood’s guitarist Neal Casal plays Garcia style licks all over these songs, and Robinson has a decidedly Robert Hunter vibe to his lyrics.” – Marquee Magazine

As The Black Crowes distinguished themselves in the live setting so does The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. For those of you that crave the dead head days, wish to remember The Black Crowes, or are simply a die-hard Chris Robinson fan this show is for you. Be sure and catch the Brotherhood performing this Thursday 9/20 at Antone’s and “Like” this page for a chance to win a pair of FREE tickets!

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