Amon Tobin’s ISAM 2.0 w/ Holy Other @ Austin Music Hall

Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin
Say whaaa?  Let me tell you all about it.

Photo by: Joseph Llanes







Once upon a time (1972) in a land far away (Brazil) Amon Tobin was born into the world and graced by the musical powers that be.  After several family relocations (Morocco, the Netherlands, London, Portugal, and Madeira), Amon settled in Brighton, England.  It was here that he found refuge in his sleeping quarters and channeled waves of energy (samples) that he transformed into electronic music masterpieces.  In the year 1996, a magazine prompted artists to send in their demos, and to no surprise, Tobin was signed to the label, Ninebar.  An earlier album, Bricolage (1997) featured jazz samples and sparked comparisons to composers like Miles Davis.  Pitchfork Media said the album was ”one of the most inventive records of the decade.”

The following years developed his artistry, with a video game composition and new albums.  2007′s Foley Room, shied away from his past use of samples and any samples used were from his own creation.  In 2011, Tobin released ISAM, featuring female vocals, which were manipulated recordings of his own voice.  The ISAM live tour, picked up in 2012 with two headlining shows at Coachella and sold out venues world-wide.  ISAM Live 2.0 with Holy Other gains momentum with an invigorating audio-visual show and hints at new material from his alias, Two Fingers.

 Many artists look to Tobin as one of the best electronic producers and sound developers in the world.  This is a true musical genius in the making.  Amon Tobin/Cujo/Two Fingers’ underground cult following is coming into the light and letting everyone else in on their secret.  Every ISAM show has sold out, so get your tickets yesterday now for Austin Music Hall next Tuesday (9/25).

PS- You can still win tickets.

The End.


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