Animal Collective Comes to the Backyard 9/28

Looking to keep the infamous “Keep Austin Weird” mantra alive and thriving? Then seeing Animal Collective‘s live show is exactly what you should go do.  In a world where too many bands merely dip their toes into the water of experimentation, Animal Collective does a full-blown cannon ball.  Standing above the rest with slick synthesizers, an array of percussion sounds, and vocals to send you soaring through space, Animal Collective is the kind of band that is always innovative and different.

Photo Via Animal Collective's Facebook Page

Despite the band being around for nearly 13 years, the members grew a bond much earlier than that. Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox and Josh Dibb met in the simpler times of hide and seek and playgrounds. Brian Weitz and David Portner(Avey Tare) came into the picture once the adolescent years kicked in. Fast forward to the present, the band has had crazy, wild success with nearly 10 albums under their belts. Their critically acclaimed album, Merriweather Post Pavillion, was ranked 14th on Pitchfork’s 200 Best Albums of the 2000s and was described as their “strongest album to date”.

The members of Animal Collective have also licked the sweet taste of success with their separate individual projects including, most notably, Lennox’s Panda Bear. Animal Collective’s members collaborated to create ear ecstasy with their latest masterpiece, Centipede Hz,  which was released a mere 2 weeks ago.

So if you’re looking for an Alice falling down the rabbit hole kind of experience, then you should most definitely check out Animal Collective’s show at The Backyard on Friday, September 28th. They’ll be joined by Mica Levi’s experimental pop group, Micachu & The Shapes. Buy your tickets here! It is a night you’ll be glad you didn’t miss.

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