Citizen Cope Comes To Austin For Two Lovely Days

With November 6th fast approaching, there exists much dialogue about what it means to be a good American. Though charged political discourse is nothing new, we now live in a time where nearly half the country has been accused of being freeloaders and more people want to legalize cocaine than approve of their legislature. With nearly every aspect of American life under political scrutiny, it’s no wonder that the qualities of an ideal citizen are yet unknown. Coping with these trying times can be difficult, but listening to the music of Citizen Cope helps ease the burden.

Combining blues with reggae sensibilities is a near-impossible task upon first consideration, but listening to Cope’s decade-spanning discography entails island funk as much as southern rock. What’s more, the combination sounds effortless, completely new, and yet oddly timeless. And while this fresh mix has garnered the D.C. native (Citizen Cope is Clarence Greenwood’s stage name) many a follower since his self-titled debut dropped in 2002, he dropped ties with major labels and went independent in 2010. This hasn’t slow Citizen Cope down, however, as this year saw the release of his sixth LP, One Lovely Day. Continuing a pattern of incessant touring that has spanned his career, he has embarked on one more in support of his new album.

While one more tour might make fans happy, news of two separate shows at Stubb’s this weekend will inspire ecstasy. The shows Friday and Saturday are brought to you by KUT and KGSR respectively, and tickets are being given away to both nights on Do512. Come Friday, come Saturday, or come both… you’re gonna have a good time.

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