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A time when “post-punk avant-garde” was authentic and derived from true teen angst. A time when music was plain out frank and confrontational. A time when not only was it cute to wear  handmade/diy cut-up jeans, jackets and shirts; it’s simply the style of the generation and a fitting self expression (no urbanoutfitters or commercialized stores to give em that cute overpriced punk vintage/hard look.) A time when Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll was not just a saying, its a way of living. It’s a time where rebellion meets music and punk was a self expression, not a trend.

Yeah… and they thought they’re cool.

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We are talking about the 70′s Post-Punk/New Movement. An era that brought The Psychedelic Furs into the punk rock world like gods gift from heaven.

It all started in 1977, when  The Psychedelic Furs landed an audition for Essex Kennedy’s record label Manfactory Wave Punk. Within a couple of years, the band was able to produce a self titled album that hit the radios in Europe and became a No. 18 hit in the UK Albums Chart. The album turned into a favorite and quickly became a crowd pleaser in other countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. It doesn’t stop there, with their next release in 1981, The Psychedelic Furs invaded the US and New Zealand with the new album “Talk Talk Talk” making its debut on the US Billboard 200 chart. Soon enough, the band became a predominant punk rock band in Britain and US in the mid 80′s. Followed by many more successful global hits such as a new recorded version of “Pretty in Pink,” for the the soundtrack of the popular film “Pretty in Pink” and many more! The success of The Psychedelic Furs fruition a huge fan base that took flight from local to global.

There is no doubt that the The Psychedelic Furs not only influenced many musicians today, but also touched many punk rockers heart. Just ask around, most likely the first respond you’ll get is ” OMG, (puts their hands on their chest) The Furs are freaking badass.” Ok, that sounded like something a girl would do/say, but if anyone who’s geeked out about punk/rock or good music in general should recognize The Furs. If not, you’ve been living under a rock my friend…

Get out of that damn rock, head over to Emo’s Sunday, Sept. 23 and be blessed upon the gods of punk rock!

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