Guided by Voices Reunion Tour at Emo’s 9/25

Photo by: Amy Hope Dermont

What do the voices inside your head tell you to do?  Do they tell you to start a band like they told Robert Pollard?  Guided by Voices hit the bar circuit in 1983- maybe before you were even born.  With a name like Mitch Mitchell, there is no alternative but to join what may be the most prolific indie-rock band of our time.  From drums, to the bass guitar, Mitchell found shelter in the arms of an electric 6-string guitar, and the two hit the ground running.  GBV became known for their short (2 minute) songs, long (4 hrs) sets and rowdy, beer drinking, rockstar personas.

A performance on Austin City Limits PBS show was one of the band’s last live appearances.  The lo-fi pioneers parted ways in 2004, and many members went on to concentrate on solo projects.  Since the breakup, their 1994 album, Bee Thousand, hit the #1 spot on’s “100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time”.  Their past label, Matador Records, celebrated their 21st anniversary in 2010 with a special GBV reunion performance.  Sparks flew and their musical connection was rekindled with a following tour.  New material and records began flow like fine wine.

Pollard has always said that there would be no reason to “cash in” and regroup just for the sake of playing “the hits.”  There would have to be new material, which he insists has maintained the integrity of the group. Don’t worry superfans, Guided by Voices will deliver on Tuesday at Emo’s with a blended mix of songs from the albums Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes and Under The Bushes, Under The Stars along with new songs.  Joining Pollard and Mitchell will be veterans, Tobin Sprout (guitar), Greg Demos (bass) and Kevin Fennel (drums). The voices are guiding you to grab a ticket, as this may be your last chance to see Guided by Voices with Detective.



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