Raise the Dead with Dark Star Orchestra

Hey man. It’s all like…groovy……………man.


On Friday the 28th you will don that psychedelic tie dye t-shirt, sweet head band, and extremely tight bell-bottoms. For on that day your mind will be blown and you will dance to the mind blowing music that is DARK STAR ORCHESTRA!

Dark Star Orchestra

For all you lifetime members of the Deadhead family and fan-base, this show is undeniably for you. This Grateful Dead tribute band is amazing because they have been recreating original set lists and shows for 13 years now. Dark Star Orchestra captures the spirit of the Grateful Dead by painting a picture of what the concert was actually like¬†historically. They are so undeniably good that even original members of the Grateful Dead have joined them on stage to perform their legendary hits like “Scarlet Begonias” and “Ripple.”

This show is also all ages, so now you can bring little Timmy along and show him what he missed in the 70s because he wasn’t born (That’s their excuse for everything, nowadays.) You can now initiate the entire family into being Deadheads and maybe you’ll even decide to follow Dark Star Orchestra on tour for years to come. You can trade in your Sedan for a Volkswagen hippie van and paint it all sorts of bright colors, maybe something like the photo below.


Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just start with the Dark Star Orchestra show at Emo’s and we’ll see where is takes you. Either way it’s sure to be a phenomenal and excellent way of re-living a legendary performance by America’s most loved band. The show is on Friday 9/28 and tickets are only $22-$25. Buy while it’s groovy!

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