Midtown Mutt-Minster Dog Show…. Mutt-tastic! Sunday, October 7

I’m not gonna beat a dead cat over the bush or however the saying goes, but it’s true that Austin takes pride in being weird. We like to supplement that weirdness with our own brand of pretension. Je ne sais quoi… anti-pretention, if you will.

So really it should come as no surprise that when we put on a dog show, what we’re really putting on is an anti-dog show. Git on outta here with your permed pure-bred, your genuine pearl collar, your Swarovsky crystal embedded gold-gilded leash, your matching fur coat.

We celebrate mutts and weirdness in this town. The 2012 Midtown Mutt-Minster is around the corner. If your prideful dog love has reached dog show proportions, embrace it, because registration is open. $30 per spot, individual registration per pet, which will go directly to Austin Pets Alive! Please only register your sweet pet if they’ve been spayed/neutered and are current on rabies vaccinations.

Mutts will strut their stuff around the  competition ring in one of seven categories. Judges from Austin Pets Alive! will use their extreme mutt knowledge (what is extreme mutt knowledge??) to choose the best mutt from each group. The winner of each category will move up to compete for a chance to be king mutt of all mutts… for the title of MIGHTY MUTT 2012! Also there’s some kind of unspecified prize. But really, King Mutt is enough of a prize. Lord your baby over all the other mutts. Even if you don’t win, what’s better than food, music, and dogs? If you don’t want to register your mixed canine to the competition, all dogs are welcome anyway.

Here’s a video recap of last year’s event!

Contestants must arrive Sunday, October 7 between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm for check in. If you aren’t present by 12:15, your spot is forfeit without refund. The event is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Brush Square Park.

If you are a business interested in sponsoring this event or hosting a vendor booth, please shoot an email to midtownoutreach@gmail.com



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