Wu-Block feat. Ghostface Killah w/ Sheek Louch & Supersuckers at Beauty Ballroom

Protect ya neck, because next weekend we have two “killah” shows that are being held at the Beauty Ballroom. What’s even better is that no matter what type of music you’re into, there’s something for you (unless you’re someone who’s only into classical and opera music, in which case I am truly sorry). To top it all off, one of the shows is a brand new collaboration of two rappers from some of the best rap groups of all time that you do not want to miss.

To start the weekend off, Saturday night presents the insane new collaboration of Wu-Block. If you’re thinking, “hmm, this sounds pretty close to 90s rap legends Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block”, then you’re absolutely right. Set to release their debut album on October 9, this group is led by two of the more prominent members from each group. From D-Block’s side, we get Sheek Louch, who is best known for his work with The Lox where he rapped alongside Jadakiss and Styles P on classic tracks like “Ryde or Die” and “Money, Power, and Respect“. If that’s not enough for you, the other half of this group is none other than Iron Man himself, the amazing Ghostface Killah. The man needs no introduction, but I’ll throw one in anyway. Not only did he “Bring the Ruckus” as a member of the unparalleled Wu-Tang Clan, but his career ever since has produced an illustrious output, making a strong case for the best rapper from the Clan with classic albums like Supreme Clientele and Fishbone. Of the many rappers who call themselves “The Champ”, he’s one of the few who can truly back it up with his music. Together, they have only released one single so far, a fast paced jam that you can check out below. Listen now, and then let me know what you think.

Wasn’t that awesome? Even better, you can see them show off their prowess and debut new songs from the upcoming album Saturday night 9/29 at Beauty Ballroom. Opening the show are DJ Notion and esteemed rapper Saigon, another classic who you might recognize from his recurring role on HBO’s Entourage, where he played a fictionalized version of himself who hired Turtle as his manager. It’s going to be a great night.

To change courses completely, Sunday night 9/30 features the great country rock group Supersuckers playing at Beauty Ballroom. For those of you who haven’t heard of these guys, they like to play upbeat rock songs about drinking, fighting, and sex. In other words, they are southern rock and roll distilled to its purest form. Led by singer Eddie Spaghetti, the band has been around for over 20 years and have recorded with the likes of Willie Nelson and Eddie Vedder. Originally signed to Sup Pop, the band has recorded a lot of great albums over the years, alternating between either country, rock and roll, or a raucous combination of the two. All of their songs are a lot of fun, as you can see an example of below.

Now that you’re excited, be sure to head over to Beauty Ballroom next Sunday night to watch them, along with local favorites Not In The Face as the opening act. You definitely want to be at these shows next weekend, and the good news is that by liking these pages, you can enter for a chance to win a free pair of tickets! Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend.

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